Loaf of bread

Our best ever bread recipes

From beautifully swirled olive bread to perfectly sculpted prosciutto plaits, we've got recipes for every occasion.

Escaping to the kitchen to get lost in the art of bread making, can feel just as indulgent as the first taste of your creation, still warm and smothered in melting butter. From beautifully swirled olive bread to perfectly sculpted prosciutto plaits, we’ve got recipes for every occasion.


Easy white bread

This is the perfect loaf to master the basics of making bread. Simple steps make it a great one for the kids to help out with too, and they will love dusting the surfaces and kneading the dough. It’s also easy to tailor it to your taste, whether that’s wholemeal, granary or white.

Easy white bread

Courgette, potato & cheddar bread

The perfect way to use up a garden glut, this comforting cheesy loaf is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Taking only 20 minutes to prepare, this recipe proves that good things don’t only come to those who wait…

Courgette, potato & cheddar bread

Red onion & rosemary focaccia

A little more patience is required for this loaf, but trust us the results are worth it. Serve alongside an Italian feast and your friends will be swooning. The only problem is that no one will be able to stop at one slice, so you might want to make double.

Red onion & rosemary focaccia recipe

Garlic & prosciutto plait

You don’t have to be an expert to make a good, artisan loaf. These pretty prosciutto plaits might look like the product of the professionals, but they are surprisingly simple to prepare. If you are looking for the wow-factor without loads of work then this is the recipe for you.

Garlic & prosciutto plait recipe

Olive bread swirls

These savoury swirls taste as good as they look, and the added anchovies give them a moreish saltiness that’s not overpowering. Try serving with salads and a variety of antipasti or alongside soup for a delicious yet simple lunch.

Olive bread swirls recipe

Spiced fruit loaf

It’s worth baking a loaf of this for the aroma alone. Start the morning with a toasted slice plus a generous helping of jam, and you’ll be feeling smug for the rest of the day. A real treat that should make getting out of bed in the morning that little bit easier for the whole family.

Spiced fruit loaf recipe

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Basil, rosemary & chive flowerpot

A real beauty of a bloomer, this loaf makes a stunning gift or adds a very special touch to the table if you’re entertaining guests. It is almost too pretty to tuck into, but we defy you to resist.

Basil, rosemary & chive flowerpot recipe

Raspberry, chocolate & hazelnut breakfast bread

Sweet brunch-friendly bread rippled with Nutella spread, fresh fruit and chopped nuts? We can’t think of a better way to start the day. This twisted loaf can be prepared ahead and popped in the oven just before your guests arrive.

Raspberry, chocolate & hazelnut breakfast bread


From the sweet to the savoury – do you have any top tips or recipes for making bread?