The best gin cocktails, recipes and tips

We’re fully on board with the revolution, so we’ve put all our top gin recipes, guides, and reviews of must-buy bottles, in one handy place.

Bored of the same old mixed drink? Spirit expert Leon Dalloway gives 10 ways to spruce up the trusty G&T, taking it from ice and a slice to something more party-ready in minutes…

The best gins – taste tested

Gin production is flourishing more than ever, but with this comes an endless choice of craft gin that can be hard to pick through. Our review takes out some of the legwork…

The best classic gins – taste tested

Are you a fan of traditional gin flavours? Leon Dalloway picks eight fail-safe bottles that will never let you down…

10 gin cocktails you can make in minutes

Get your party started with our quick gin blends, from classic drinks like the negroni and bramble to old-school gimlet and the all-time great – the Martini.

How to make your own gin

Our compound gin recipe shows you how to turn a bottle of vodka into a juniper-infused homemade spirit. The best part? The whole process only takes 24 hours.

Video: How to make sloe gin

Our video guide shows you how to make your very own sloe gin. Infused with wintery berries, it makes a great Christmas present, or just keep it for yourself and stash away – it’ll only taste better over time.

How to make flavoured gin

Tom Kerridge shows us how to make our own infused gin. He uses summery strawberries and leaves them to impart their flavour in the gin for three weeks. Once strained and bottled, it’ll last for up to a year.

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