Problem one: My biscuits stick to the baking tray.

Jo's solution: You can buy silicone mats quite cheaply in supermarkets that can be reused. This will totally eliminate this problem.


Problem two: I wanted my cookies to be soft and squidgy, but they’ve gone hard.

Jo's solution: You’ve overbaked them. Take the cookies or biscuits out just before they firm up. Once cooled the edges will firm but the centres will remain soft and squidgy.


Problem three: My biscuits have cooked unevenly.

Jo's solution: Try freezing them before putting on the baking tray.

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Problem four: My biscuits are greasy.

Jo's solution: Always use cold, unsalted butter and it should stop your biscuits being too oily.

Problem five: Rather than puff up, my biscuits have splayed and spread out until flat during cooking.

Jo's solution: Again, try freezing them before putting on the baking tray.


Problem six: I don’t have a cutter.

Jo's solution: Try using a glass or teacup instead. Also, if you don’t have a rolling pin a wine bottle makes a great alternative.

Problem seven: My crackers are soggy.

Jo's solution: You can make them super-crisp by baking them low and slow.


Problem eight: Once cooled, if I know my biscuits are underbaked can I put them back in the oven?

Jo's solution: You can. Also, if you don’t eat shortbread within a few days and they go soft, you can refresh them in the oven, too.

Problem nine: My biscuits are burnt underneath.

Jo's solution: It sounds like your oven may be running too fast - pick up an oven themometer for precision.

Problem 10: My biscuits have broken up as I removed them from the baking tray – what’s the best technique for avoiding this?

Jo's solution: Make sure you leave the biscuits until they're totally cold before moving them.

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