10 tips for next level Thai green curry

See our top tips for creating a vibrant homemade Thai green chicken curry. This flavour-packed dish is well worth the effort and perfect for entertaining.


Impress family and friends with this fragrant, creamy Thai green chicken curry. The rich curry sauce is made using the freshest ingredients you can find and ground using a pestle and mortar to create a delicious combination of sweet, sour and salty flavour notes.


If you’re unable to use fresh ingredients, another option is to find a high-quality curry paste either in a  special supermarket or online to deliver a similar degree of potency. These punchy flavours are balanced with coconut milk to produce a thick, luxurious sauce – ideal for being soaked up with rice. You can skim the fat off the coconut milk, then ‘split’ it to fry the paste in; this enhances the flavour and gives the curry an authentic glossy finish. Caramelising the sugar element of the sauce will also deepen the sweetness.

Finish with a scattering of Thai basil for a strong aniseed flavour and fresh red chilli for colour and additional heat.

See the full Thai green curry recipe and find more tips with our guide on how to make next level Thai green curry.

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