Zest is a verb, 'to zest', and also word used to describe the outermost skin layer of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes. The coloured part of the skin contains natural oils that provide aroma and flavour. Shavings of the skin are added to various dishes to intensify the required citrus flavors. The white portion of the skin, or pith, which lies just below the zest, should not be used because of its bitterness.

Choose the best

Choose unblemished, unwaxed fruits that feel heavy for their size and that are vibrant in colour.

Prepare it

Choose an unwaxed citrus fruit, hold firmly in one hand and use a zester to grate the rind. Chop the zest finely with a fine knife if preferred.

Cook it

To add flavour to cakes, desserts, sorbets and salads.