There are several types of mint, each with its own subtle difference in flavour and appearance. The most popular type is spearmint, with its pointed, serrated leaves and a familiar refreshing flavour. It is commonly used to make mint sauce or jelly and in tea.

Peppermint has longer, darker leaves and a stronger flavour and is popular in sweets and confectionary. Another popular variety is apple mint, which has a subtle, fruit-tinged flavour and is popular in summer drinks.


Mint is at its peak from May to September. Look for bright green, perky leaves that aren't wilting.

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Choose the best

Look for bright green, perky leaves that aren't wilting.

Prepare it

Pull leaves from stem and run under cold water before shredding or adding whole to dishes. The smaller leaves at the top of the sprig are sweeter and great for garnishing salads and soups with.

Store it

Store fresh mint in the fridge in a sealed plastic bag for up to 3 days.

Cook it

Use mint in a variety of dishes including fruit salads, stuffings, tabbouleh and for Thai dishes including soups and curries.