Deglazing pan


| dee-glay-z |

Discover what the term 'deglazing' refers to when cooking, and how it can be used to create rich, flavourful sauces after pan-frying or sautèing.

After pan-frying or sautèing, a simple yet delicious sauce can be made in the pan by deglazing. It can also be used to make gravy after roasting meats.


Add liquid (wine, stock, verjuice or water) to a hot frying pan or baking dish after transferring the main piece of meat to the oven or to be rested. Scrape and stir the browned bits from the pan over a moderate-high heat to melt all cooking residues into the liquid. This method will produce a simple sauce, or the deglazed liquid can then be added to a larger pot with other ingredients to add a rich flavour to the dish.