What is a bloody mary?

Like all relatively simple concoctions, proportions can be varied infinitely – but it is not really a bloody mary unless it contains Worcestershire Sauce and, vitally, celery salt.

How to make a bloody mary

Top quality tomato juice, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and salt, ideally celery salt, plus a little of something to make it zing, like Tabasco. Those are the ingredients before you add the vodka, stir well and serve over ice.

Often a bloody mary is served in a tall glass with a stick of celery. Make sure the celery has had its strings removed.

Learn how to make the best ever bloody mary.

How to store a bloody mary

A basic bloody mary mix of flavoured tomato juice can be made and chilled in advance and made up individually by adding ice cubes or crushed ice and as much or as little vodka as preferred. It’s best not to add the vodka in a stored mix as everyone might want a different proportion.

Where to buy a bloody mary

The ingredients are easily available and any decent restaurant or bar will make one for you – but tell them how chilli-hot you want it for there is much propensity for overdoing it.