How to prepare scallops

Learn how to prepare scallops and remove them from their shell with our expert tips and tricks. Plus see our easy scallop recipes.

Points to remember

  • Use an oyster shucking knife, and place it at the hinge, prizing it open slightly.
  • Turn the scallop over and run a flexible fish filleting knife over the flat side of the shell to release the scallop. Open the shell fully. Use a spoon to release the scallop from the bottom shell.
  • Pull off the frill, the black stomach sack and any other pieces that are around the meat of the scallop and discard, leaving just the white flesh and any coral. Rinse the scallop thoroughly in cold water.
  • Cook as desired.

For more inspiration, see our scallop recipes.


Make sure the shell is tightly shut (it may not be as tightly shut as other shellfish because the shell is corrugated) – the scallop may have perished and is not safe to eat.


Store rounded side down, in the fridge.