How to make a pavlova

Make pavlova like a professional with this Good Food 'how to' guide on how to make perfect meringue, complete with whipped cream and fruit topping.

Points to remember

  • Whisk egg whites to stiff peaks.
  • Start whisking egg whites on a slow speed to create small air bubbles that will give you a more stable pavlova.
  • Re-whisk egg whites to stiff peaks after every addition of sugar.
  • Bake low and slow on the bottom shelf of the oven To check the pavlova is cooked, make sure it peels away from the paper easily.

Make sure your meringue equipment is really clean and grease-free.


Crack your egg whites into a separate bowl then mix them into the main batch one by one in case you split the yolk when separating.


Use a compass to create a circular template for the meringue mix on parchment, then flip the sheet to make sure you don’t get pencil or pen on the bottom of your meringue.