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How to make caramel


Learn how to make delicious, sweet caramel quickly and safely and use it in a crunchy nut brittle. Be very careful when making it, and don't attempt to handle the finished caramel until completely cold.

Sugar syrups are extremely hot, and can remain hot once finished for a long period of time. Do not try to taste molten caramel or dip your fingers into it. Should any hot caramel come into contact with the skin, run under cold water immediately.


Points to remember when making caramel:

  1. Oil a baking sheet and palette knife.
  2. Place caster sugar in a dry frying pan.
  3. Heat over a high heat to dissolve the sugar.
  4. Try not to stir the sugar – just tilt the pan carefully to move it around.
  5. Allow the mixture to dissolve completely and turn to a deep caramel, swirling the pan as you go.

If making a brittle, add nuts and swirl them around in the pan to coat them and tip the caramel/brittle out onto the prepared baking tray. Brittle can be broken into shards or blitzed into a dust to sprinkle over desserts.

To clean a caramel pan, simmer water in it until all the caramel has dissolved, then wash as normal.

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