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Next level dippy eggs & soldiers

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Fancy a next level breakfast? BBC Good Food has the answer. Our perfect boiled eggs with fried avocado, cheese & Marmite and chilli herb soldiers are sure to impress...

Points to remember:

  • For the chilli herb soldiers: Mix together 25g softened butter with ½ finely chopped red chilli, 2 chopped spring onions and bunch chopped parsley. Spread butter onto 2 slices of toast. Cut into soldiers and serve with soft boiled eggs.
  • For the cheese & Marmite soldiers: Toast 2 slices of bread. Spread with butter and a spoonful Marmite then grate over 25g cheddar. Grill until bubbling, cut into soldiers and serve with soft boiled eggs.
  • For the ham & avocado soldiers: Cut 1 avocado into wedges, wrap each wedge in ½ sheet Parma ham (about 4 sheets in total). Fry in 1 tbsp oil until the Parma ham is crisp. Dip into soft boiled eggs.

For optimum results every time, read our guide to how to boil an egg perfectly.

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