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Zwilling Enfinigy 53008 toaster review

Published: February 7, 2022 at 5:02 pm
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Our Rating

Here's a hard-to-beat mid-range toaster complete with bagel function. Read our full review of Zwilling Enfinigy 53008 toaster.


  • Very evenly toasted bread, special bagel function, sleek look


  • Cancel button not immediately obvious

Zwilling Enfinigy 53008 toaster summary

A stylish toaster emerged from the box as we unpacked it. Matte silver in colour, it is very sleek with clean lines. The lifting lever has an unusual horizontal knob and, unusually, the “cancel” function is integrated into the browning dial (though this wasn’t immediately obvious). There is the bonus of a bagel function, too.


Packing is mostly recyclable, with cardboard inserts, though the toaster itself comes in a plastic bag. A quick internet search revealed this category can sometimes be recycled.

Instructions for the toaster are clear, including the fact that you need to run it on empty twice before using it.

This has a lengthy five-year guarantee, making it stand out from the rest of the field.

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How easy is the Zwilling Enfinigy 53008 toaster to use?

This has seven browning levels as well as three function buttons – defrost, reheat and bagel. It’s all very simple and obvious to operate with a couple of exceptions. We did need to refer to the instructions as, at first, we thought there was no “cancel” button. It turns out this is actually part of the browning dial (you wouldn’t guess this as it is signalled by the Zwilling logo rather than an 'x' icon). It lights up rather sweetly when the toaster is in use.

The crumb tray has to be pressed in before you can remove it. Again this isn’t immediately obvious.

The wide slots took all manner of bread and when finished, there is a good spring with the toast standing clear of the slots for easy retrieval.


We started with the middle setting, 4, in the hope it would be quite brown but not burnt, and this is exactly what we got. The toast was very evenly browned on both sides. (Setting 3 was quite a lot paler). While our standard supermarket slice was browned all over, the top of a tall sandwich loaf did not brown.

Our frozen slices (varying between 2 mins 20 and 3 mins 10 from freezer to plate) were also very evenly browned.

The reheat function took around 25 seconds and warmed up our cooled slice without making it any browner. Best of all was our bagel which, on setting 3, emerged beautifully brown in under 3 minutes.


For a mid-range toaster this one is hard to beat, especially with that confident five-year guarantee should something go wrong. It consistently gave us evenly browned toast on all except the very tallest loaves, and it worked on all thicknesses. It would suit a modern kitchen – and it doesn’t have to be a particularly spacious one as the footprint is average.

Full product specifications:

Wattage: 1000w
Weight: 2k
Size: 29.2 x16.8 x 20.6cm

Key features:

Bagel function: yes
Defrost function: yes
Cancel button: yes (in browning knob)
Manufacturer warranty: 5 years
Removable crumb tray: yes
Wide slots: yes

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