• budget friendly, simply designed, bread releases easily from the pan


  • medium crust control setting still quite light, no accessories

Tower T11003 2lb Digital Breadmaker summary

This simply designed breadmaker comes with an impressive 12 settings. As well as classic white and brown loaves, this model can make gluten-free bread and it comes with two fast-bake settings, too.


You can make just two sizes of bread in this model; one 700g loaf and one 1000g loaf. There are three crust-colour settings: light, medium and dark. If you’re after a breadmaker that lets you wake up to fresh bread, this model has a 13-hour delay timer.

How easy is the Tower T11003 2lb Digital Breadmaker to use?

Using this breadmaker is pretty straightforward. All of the settings are listed above the control panel and you can cycle through the bakes using the large and responsive controls. The display tells you what stage your bake is at and how long you’ve got remaining.

On the lid of the breadmaker is a viewing window. It’s a generous size, but we found that it easily became steamed up, meaning we couldn’t actually see what was going on. This model doesn’t come with an automatic dispenser, but it beeps loudly to signal it's time to add extra goodies (such as seeds or fruit).

This model fits neatly on the countertop, though we found that the lid was just a little too tall to open up under the kitchen cupboards.


We adjusted our easy white bread recipe to fit the 700g setting and set the crust colour to medium. The basic setting takes just under three hours to bake.

The finished loaf was very well risen, though noticeably light in colour on the top. We’d have definitely liked it to be darker, considering we selected the medium setting. The sides of the loaf were more the colour we were looking for. Inside, the loaf had a light, open and airy texture.

You’ll need to remove your loaf from the pan immediately, as even a little bit of time in the pan after baking meant that the underside of the loaf started to go soggy. This requires some oven gloves as the pan gets hot. Thankfully, the loaf came out of the pan quickly with a deft pat.


If you’re only just getting into breadmaking and are after a model that does the basics, the Tower T11003 is a good option for beginners. It keeps things simple with bread only and comes at a very decent price.

700g and 1kg are two decent-sized loaves to start with. Be wary of the crust colour settings as we found them to be lighter than expected. This breadmaker offers everything a first-timer would need.


Machine size: 35.7 x 24 x 30.5 cm
Power: 550W
Programmes: 12 pre-programmed
Delay function: yes
Viewing window: yes
Display: Buttons
Crust colour adjustment: yes
Loaf size (s): 700g and 1kg
Guarantee: 1 year

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