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Tower Cavaletto four-slice toaster

Tower Cavaletto T20051RG four-slice toaster review

Published: February 7, 2022 at 3:34 pm
A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
Our Rating

Read our full review of the eye-catching and easy to use Tower Cavaletto T20051RG four-slice toaster.


  • Easy to use, eye-catching, good for thicker breads and bagels, long guarantee


  • Some uneven toasting

Tower Cavaletto T20051RG four-slice toaster summary

If you are after a bit of bling for your kitchen, this will do the trick. It’s silver and black with bright rose gold controls.


It comes with a lot of packaging – cardboard in the slots and around the toasting levers – but all of it can be recycled.

This model is quite sizeable and takes up a reasonable amount of space on the worktop.

There are clear instructions in the accompanying book, with an annotated photo explaining the controls. There are also some troubleshooting Q&As, giving advice for what to do if, for instance, the browning dial won’t work.

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How easy is the Tower Cavaletto T20051RG four-slice toaster to use?

It’s a four-slot toaster with separate controls for each pair. The cancel button sits to the left of the browning knob, with reheat and defrost buttons on the other side. These are very clearly marked and there are six browning settings.

Slots are wide – it's capable of holding most things you'd want to toast – and the cord coils away neatly, should you want to store it in a cupboard.

The controls are very accessible and the lever to lower the toast has a tactile knob. The browning level knobs twist easily.

Unusually, there are two crumb trays at the back. You need to push them in for them to spring out, but they are helpfully marked with the word 'push' in the right place.


The wide slots mean there's no need for a special bagel setting – ours went in as easily as bread and toasted perfectly on setting three. Our fruit loaf on emerged perfectly toasted in 2 mins on setting two, with not a burnt sultana in sight. As it was small, it didn’t pop completely up, but a little wiggle of the toasting lever sorted this out.

Our longest loaf wasn't completely toasted at the top, but another sandwich loaf and the standard loaf were fine. Toast popped up easily. Defrost took 3 mins and the result was slightly uneven.

Toasting levels were slightly uneven overall on each side of toast – on setting four, for example, one side was perfect and the other slightly burnt.

Reheat was effective and only took 30 seconds.


A good, effective toaster, especially if you like to toast a range of breads, including thicker slices. This toaster also looks eye-catching on the worktop and is available in a good range of colours.

Full product specifications:

Wattage: 1800w
Weight: 1.8k
Size: 19.6 x 18.8 x 27.1cm

Key features:

Bagel function: no
Defrost function: yes
Cancel button: yes
Manufacturer warranty: three years
Removable crumb tray: two
Wide slots: yes

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