• available in a good range of sizes, dishwasher safe, grippy texture on handle, metal utensil safe


  • very lightweight, not oven safe

Salter Megastone frying pan summary

The Megastone frying pan from Salter has a speckled, roughcast non-stick coating and a soft, slightly grippy, handle.


This frying pan is available in three sizes: 20, 24 and 28cm. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

What is the Salter Megastone frying pan like to use?

One of the first things we noticed about this frying pan is how lightweight it is. We experienced no straining or tilting of the pan when holding it.

The handle is a good length and is slightly slimmer towards the pan-side, allowing for an easier grip. There’s also a hanging hole at the top and the handle can be tightened up if it starts to loosen. It also has a slightly grippy texture to it. It also stayed cool during testing.

The Megastone frying pan has gently sloping sides, meaning we could easily slot a spatula or plastic fish slice underneath the food.

Although it may seem like a positive, this pan was far too quick to heat up. It took just 45 seconds to reach the temperature we were after, which resulted in some uneven looking food.


We made our American pancakes and a basic omelette when testing the Megastone frying pan.

We thought the roughcast texture of the pan might stop our pancake mix from spreading too far, but the mix spread quite thinly. Despite this, the pancake did rise – albeit unevenly - and was cooked through inside. The browning on the outside was patchy and uneven in colour, with visible cool spots all over.

As with all of the frying pans we’ve tested, when making an omelette, we heated the pan up before immediately turning the heat down after pouring in the beaten eggs. Unfortunately, it was difficult to control the heat of this frying pan as it gets hot very quickly, which resulted in a patchy and unevenly cooked omelette. We noticed that the heat was centralised, too, meaning that entire outer edge was very pale.



We liked the speckled design on the inside of this frying pan. Overall, it’s easy to carry and comfortable to hold, and the sloping sides make it easy to toss and flip foods when cooking.

However, the Megastone frying pan does heat up too quickly, resulting in uneven looking and sometimes unevenly cooked food.


Sizes available (cm): 20, 24, 28
Non-stick: PFOA-free non-stick
Materials: aluminium
Induction compatible: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Oven safe: no

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