Progress rotary waffle maker summary

The Progress waffle maker may be the cheapest on the test, but it delivers a good, thick, tasty waffle each time. The waffle maker is very light, but surprisingly sits nicely on the worktop, and even when flipping the waffle plates, stays steady. The Progress makes a large, round, fluffy waffle that can easily be cut into half or quarters, making it perfect for small hands.


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How is the Progress rotary waffle machine to use?

The Progress waffle maker is a rotary machine, meaning the plate head needs to be rotated halfway through cooking. Having this feature does make it a rather bulky machine, which also needs plenty of cupboard room if stored assembled, though disassembling the machine so it's flat is straightforward and quick if this is a problem.

The machine is made of shiny black plastic and a little flimsy, but it has been well-engineered, so all the pieces slot together well. Once assembled, the waffle maker is sturdier than it looks.

At this price point, the Progress comes with few frills, but it has what is needed to use the machine, including lights to signal the device is on and one to show it's ready to cook. There is no overrun channel to carry away any overfill spills, but it does have a removable drip tray that sits securely into the base of the machine.

Though the instruction sheet has sufficient instructions and gives good directions on assembling, using and cleaning the machine, there is also a complete instruction manual with some very inventive recipes on their website, which we very much liked for its quirkiness.

The only drawback with this waffle maker is that the body gets hot during use, so it needs to be handled carefully; however, the handle for rotating and opening the machine remains cool.

Cooking results

The machine is up and running in no time and takes just 4 minutes to heat through. Despite the non-stick coating, oiling the plates before pouring in batter is recommended – this does help with removing the waffles from the machine quickly and easily.

Without any indication as to how much batter is needed, on the first attempt we overfilled it, but with adjustment on the second go, they were perfect. Once the batter is poured in and the machine closed, all that is needed is to turn the handle to rotate the plate head 180 degrees and cook for up to 10 minutes, rotating the head one more time halfway through.

The results were astonishingly good. They cooked quickly – under the recommended 10 minutes – and had a deliciously crisp outer and soft, squidgy centre. Given the quality of the waffles from this machine at this price, this is a bargain and, with a two-year guarantee, is certainly one to consider if you are on a budget.

Progress rotary waffle maker specifications


Multifunctional: yes, if using their recipes
Removable plates: no
Size: ‎5.31 x 14.96 x 10.83 cm
Weight: 2.63 kg
Indicator lights: yes
Dishwasher-safe parts: no
Wattage: 1000W
Model number: 063520