• Suitable for left and right-handed users, dishwasher-safe jug, simple settings


  • Limited safety features

Nutribullet blender at a glance

On first impressions, the Nutribullet blender has quite a compact base, but a large jug that’s roomy enough for most batches of sauce or soup.


Setting it up and getting to grips with using it required very little help from the manual; it’s all very straightforward. There are three buttons, low speed, high speed, and pulse as well as an on/off switch.

There are some thoughtful design features considering it’s a relatively budget model, including the four-suction cup feet to keep it in place. Additionally, the jug can be put on the base with the handle on either side, so it’s perfect for households with both right and left-handed cooks.

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How easy is the Nutribullet blender to use?

There isn't a recipe book included and the manual only offers limited advice on which speed is best for different foods. But with so few settings, it’s easy to work out. The lid pushes securely onto the top of the jug and has a large ring to make removing it easy. It features a removable lid cap to allow you to insert the tamper when things need a stir, or to pour in extra ingredients while it blends.

Unfortunately, the blender will run without the lid in place so if safety features are high on your priority list, you might be better off choosing a different blender. But at least the dishwasher safe jug means you can avoid putting your hands close to the blades when it comes to cleaning.


Impressively, this blender was able to crush a whole tray of ice cubes to a super fine powder that was almost snow-like in consistency, in just 25 seconds. Our frozen berry smoothie took one minute and we had to give it a stir halfway through, but the results were great, with just a slight grittiness remaining from the seeds.

Nutribullet blender with tomato sauce

Hard fibrous carrot and beetroot posed no challenge for it – the ingredients were almost fully pulverised in one minute, though it did wobble slightly during blending. Tomato sauce was smooth and lump free in just 30 seconds.

How sustainable is the Nutribullet blender?

Looking at sustainability, thankfully most of the packaging was recyclable cardboard, with just a few plastic bags included. But should it break, you can’t buy a replacement jug online and the warranty is a worryingly short 30 days.

Nutribullet blender summary

Overall, while it might not have the look or feel of an expensive blender, it’s good value with a decent size jug and can blitz through anything you throw at it.

Nutribullet blender specifications

Warranty: 30 days
Blade material: Stainless steel
Speed settings: Low, high, and pulse
Jug capacity: 1.6 litre
Wattage: 1000W
Product weight: 4.6kg
Additional attachments: Tamper

Recipes and tips

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