• Versatile coffee pod variety, one-touch controls, large water tank, reliable crema every time


  • Deep countertop footprint, noisy

Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee pod machine summary

Traditional coffee pod machines are mostly limited to producing single espressos and the slightly longer, lungo drink, so Nespresso’s Vertuo Next stands out for its impressive versatility.


The machine will automatically prepare five coffee drinks depending on the domed pod loaded; espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug, and alto. Unusually, all are brewed with a reliably thick 'crema' on top, even the long drinks, so for crema-lovers this is an excellent coffee pod machine. The mouthfeel resembles a fine foam that's slightly less strong than the silky swirls we're used, too.

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How easy is it to use?

The water tank is easily removable so once rinsed and filled, slotted nicely into the back of the machine. It’s a touch top-heavy in appearance, with a large bulbous head that splits when released but a twist lock to reveal the pod load.

The pods themselves vary in depth to contain different grinds and coffee quantities. Once in, you lower the head and twist to lock in the opposite direction.

Controls are a one-touch affair offered by a single button and this is where the machine shows some particularly advanced coffee tech. Each has a barcode to tell the machine how much water to brew and at what temperature.

An adjustable cup holder slots into a variety of notches up the central stem so for short espresso drinks you don’t get any tipping out.


Each coffee made from the Nespresso pods had full-bodied flavour, aroma and smooth mouth-feel. What was characteristically standardised is the addition of a thick topping of fine froth; crema, but not as we know it. And it’s guaranteed on every coffee the Vertuo brews due to the pods being spun around quickly during brewing. This creates an unusual sound that resemble's a vacuum in another room - it's not the quietest coffee pod machine.


If speed and variety are what you're after from a coffee pod machine, this Vertuo is an excellent option. This pod design means you'll be buying into the brand, so the price may work out more expensive in the long run. Unfortunately, you also won't find a compatible edition from your favourite small roastery or an eco-version either.

Made from 54% recycled plastic, the coffee pod machine does have reasonable eco-credentials, but brands like Nespresso have the size, authority and responsibility to take greater steps towards sustainability, so we're hoping for a machine made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic – particularly for coffee pod machines considering the waste they produce. Nespresso does offer a couple of options for recycling its pods with PodBack drop-off or collection services that can be booked.

Also available from:

Nespresso (£79) Claim 200 free capsules with the matt black model in the Nespresso Winter Sale

Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee pod machine specifications
Compatible pods: Nespresso dome
Water tank: 1 litre
Coffee programs: single espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug, alto
Dimensions: 14.2cm x 42.9cm x 31.4cm

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