• hob-safe cooking pot, auto keep-warm setting, easy to use controls, clear countdown timer, non-stick pot, lid forms a good seal


  • pot not suitable for induction

Slow cookers are pretty uncomplicated appliances – the manual models often do just as good a job as the high-tech ones. Usually, the only thing missing from the former is a timer.


This Morphy Richards model solves that issue. It comes with three settings (high, medium and low) and has an automatic timer that runs for up to 12 hours. Once the cooking time is up, an automatic keep-warm setting kicks in for two hours. We tested the 6.5L model, but a smaller 3.5L model is available too.

How easy is the Morphy Richards Easy Time slow cooker to use?

The large control panel on the front makes it very easy to programme. The timer can be set in one-hour increments (just twist the dial) and the desired heat setting is chosen by pressing a button.

All elements of this slow cooker slot into place smoothly, plus the main cooking pot is lightweight, so it's easy to carry from countertop to table. The aluminium cooking pot is also hob safe, so you can pre-cook ingredients straight in the pot. Not only does this save on washing-up, it also keeps all those delicious cooking flavours together.

For convenience, the main cooking pot is dishwasher safe.


We couldn’t fault the Easy Time’s performance. The beef in our slow cooker beef stew was soft and succulent; the sauce was punchy and flavoursome; all the ingredients were well combined; and the vegetables were soft, with a very slight bite to them.

How sustainable is the Morphy Richards Easy Time slow cooker?

The instruction manual directs the user to recycle the slow cooker properly once it's no longer needed. We were pleased to find a direct line to contact Morphy Richards about spare parts, should anything break. But the Easy Time comes protected in more non-recyclable polystyrene and plastic than we’d have liked.


The Morphy Richards Easy Time model is slightly more expensive than other simple slow cookers that we’ve tested, but we believe the addition of the clear countdown timer makes it worth a few extra pounds. The Easy Time is easy to use, convenient and produced the results we were looking for. This is a simple slow cooker, with just a little bit of flair.

Key specifications

Capacity (litres): 3.5 and 6.5
Size (cm): HxWxD 26.2 x 37 x 33.3 (6.5L)
Settings: low, medium, high, auto keep-warm
Pot: aluminium
Lid: glass and plastic
Dishwasher safe: pot
Made in: China

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