• professional-looking machine, easy-to-follow instructions


  • noisy

Tower T1105 breadmaker summary

The Tower breadmaker is a professional-looking machine with its sturdy stainless-steel casing, good-sized viewing window and straightforward, uncomplicated touch panel on the lid. It has 19 pre-programmed recipes, which vary from bread (including gluten-free and sourdough), to cakes, jam and yogurt.


If that isn’t enough, there’s also a detachable fruit and seed dispenser which clips neatly into the lid when needed. It is a little noisier than some, but nothing that would stop you from loving this machine and the delicious bread it produces.

Available from:
Tower (£99.99)
Amazon (£89)

What were our first impressions of the Tower breadmaker?

The rectangular, shiny, stainless-steel Tower breadmaker is a professional-looking machine. It has a sturdy handle and a good-sized viewing window to watch over the progress of your next loaf.

At just over 6kg, it isn’t the lightest machine, but the simple shape makes it easy to move around. We liked the straightforward, uncomplicated touch panel on the lid, boasting 19 pre-programmed recipes with a variety of bread doughs (including gluten-free and sourdough), cakes, jam and yogurt.

There’s a reassuring memory recall, so if the power is lost, the machine will pick up where it left off.

It comes with a small-and-hard-to-read measuring cup, tablespoon and teaspoon measures and, unusually, a detachable fruit and seed dispenser which clips neatly into the lid.

There is no yeast dispenser, and the bread pan is an interesting rose gold, which feels a little at odds with the rest of the aesthetic – this does have an excellent non-stick coating though.

Close up of bread in a tower bread machine

How was the Tower breadmaker to use?

There is nothing complicated about the Tower breadmaker. The instruction book is small and unfussy, with all the necessary information in a clear, logical order – great for beginners. The machine is up and running in no time.

The recipes are not overly adventurous (apart from the sticky rice and stir-fired peanuts options), but cover all bases. The only confusion is the loaf weight is listed in imperial quantities, whereas all other measures are metric.

The machine starts with an alarming screech, followed by a throaty roar from the 650W motor as it starts to mix. It continues to be a little noisy throughout the kneading – okay if using the machine in the daytime, but overnight could become a little annoying.

Our verdict

We were very impressed with the basic white loaf in this machine, with a great, even crust, lovely golden colour, springy, soft crumb and delicious taste.

The cleaning of this machine was super-easy with the non-stick and, despite the shiny surface, there was barely a finger mark.

The Tower is a lovely machine for the price, with a broad range of recipes. It would suit beginners and more seasoned bakers. Its choice of loaf sizes and colours means it could work in any household.

Available from:
Tower (£99.99)
Amazon (£99.98)

Tower T11o5 breadmaker specifications
Machine size: 24.8 x 34.5 x 31cm
Power: 650W
Programmes: 19 pre-programmed
Delay function: yes
Viewing window: yes
Display: LED
Crust colour adjustment: yes
Loaf size (s): 700 or 900g
Keep warm function: yes
Guarantee: 3 years

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