• Quiet, versatile with additional attachments, three-year manufacturer guarantee


  • Backwards locking system, narrow 700ml beaker, couple of small lumps left above the blender blades.

Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 hand blender set summary

Hand blender design has come a long way from the dowdy feel of older white-plastic numbers. One of the first impressions you get of the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 set is that it looks really good.


The matte black finish, silver buttons and stainless steel components are unflashy but sleek enough to keep on the countertop if you don’t have cupboard space for storage. They have a quality-feel that matches the look and exceeds what you'd get for the price tag elsewhere.

Along with the stylish look and reasonable price point, you get versatility and solid functionality with this set.

Available from:
Amazon (£41.49)
Russell Hobbs (£39.99)

How is the Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 hand blender set to use?

You get good versatility for your money with this set. Included is a 700ml tall beaker, a balloon whisk attachment, blender arm and 500ml mini chopper attachment with a separate blade – all for around the £40 mark. These twist to lock counter-intuitively but you get used to the backwards action of twisting left.

There are smart hacks in there, too. One likeable feature in particular is the silicone non-slip base, which doubles up as a lid. Once on, the chopper bowl can be popped straight into the fridge once the blade has been removed, which is useful if you're making food ahead of time.

The shape of the main body is ergonomic to hold, coated with a matte non-slip finish which also helps with its grip. In general, it feels more powerful than its 500 watt motor.

A choice of two speeds with an optional pulse function offers a simplicity that works in its favour.

Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 blender test results

When it came to the BBC Good Food frozen super berry smoothie recipe, the Russell Hobbs blender arm tackled large frozen lumps of fruit easily on a medium speed. It was efficient and the smoothie was thick and smooth but we found a few lumps wedged above the blade and its hood that required removal before cleaning.

Next, we made mayo with the help of Barney Desmazery's how to make mayonnaise guide and were left with a half beaker full of silky sauce, well mixed and un-split.

The whisk accessory was solid to load up and didn't wobble when clipped in. Cream whipped quickly in the beaker, but worked better in a mixing bowl.

You can fit one and a half halved onions inside the chopper at a time but recommend sticking to one per blitz. The silicone foot is a useful extra, especially because it doubles up as a lid. This chopper would shine with salsas or pesto in particular.

Should you buy the Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 hand blender?

If you live with an open plan kitchen-living area, it can be quite disruptive when appliances cut through the peace. This hand blender is noticeably quiet alongside being efficient. As you’d hope, all the attachments are detachable and easy to clean with a rinse.

You’re also offered some major versatility with this hand blender but the footprint has been kept down so it wouldn’t take up a whole cupboard to store, even with the chopper attachment. Every element feels worth more than you pay.

Available from:
Amazon (£41.49)
Russell Hobbs (£39.99)

Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 hand blender specifications:
Materials: stainless steel blades
Wattage: 500w
Beaker capacity: 700ml
Speed functions: two plus a pulse function
Manufacturer guarantee: three years
Additional attachments: detachable blender leg, whisk attachment, 500ml mini chopper

Recipes and tips

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