Ever tried making pizza from scratch? It’s easier than you might think, not to mention cheaper and much more satisfying than buying from a restaurant or takeaway.


You don’t need a lot of fancy or expensive equipment to achieve delicious, authentic-tasting pizza at home, either. Whether you’re baking it, cooking it in a frying pan or on the barbecue, or going pro with a pizza oven, we share 11 of the best gadgets, tools and accessories for making perfect pizza at home.

The list includes all the essentials, from scales, mixing bowls and dough scrapers, to pizza stones, peels and cutters.

If you’re a real pizza-holic and want to go the extra mile for that authentic charred crust, you might want to invest in a proper pizza oven. Check out our review of the best pizza ovens for your garden to find one that's right for you.

Ready to get going? Once you’ve got the kit, you’ll need the right recipe. If you're a classic margherita fan, don’t miss our top 10 tips for making next level margherita. Alternatively, browse our pizza dough recipe collection and pick your own toppings, or try one of our best ever pizza recipes.

11 best pizza making tools and accessories


1. Digital scales

KitchenCraft Taylor Pro touchless tare digital dual kitchen scaleWhen making pizza dough, you'll need to accurately weigh out your ingredients, so a good set of digital scales is a must. We love these new 'touchless' digital scales that activate with just a wave – perfect for when your hands are covered in flour and dough.

Available from Amazon (£39.99)


2. Large mixing bowl

12pc Lakeland stainless steel bowls and spoons prep set

You can use any kind of mixing bowl to prepare and prove pizza dough, but it’s generally thought that metal or glass are best. This is because they retain heat better than plastic, meaning your dough is sure to prove, even in a drafty kitchen.

The bowl also needs to be large enough for your dough to expand in size. This great-value stainless steel prep set features three good-sized, lightweight bowls, plus measuring spoons for accurately weighing out ingredients like yeast and salt.

Available from Lakeland (£29.99)


3. Dough scraper

Tablecraft handled stainless steel dough scraper

A dough scraper (also known as a bench scraper) is useful when making pizza dough. Go for a sharp, sturdy metal one like this, – it can be used to cut through the dough to divide it into portions, as well as to scrape stuck dough off your work surface.

Available from Amazon (£8.47)


A frying pan or skillet (for frying-pan pizza)

Lodge 10-inch cast iron round skillet pan

Making a frying-pan pizza? For the best result, we recommend using a cast iron skillet pan because it gets super hot, ensuring a crisp base. Opt for a pan that's around nine or 10 inches, unless you like a larger, thinner pizza, in which case, go for a 12-inch pan.

Available from:
Amazon (£39.98)
Season (£35.99)


A wooden pizza peel

Sous Chef pizza peel 30cm square

If you're cooking pizza in the oven, a peel makes it easy to transfer uncooked pizza onto your hot stone or baking tray. Wooden peels are generally better than metal for this, as raw dough tends to stick to metal (especially if cold).

If you're still worried about sticking, dust the surface with polenta or semolina flour. This great-value birchwood peel is lightweight and has a tapered edge, so pizza can slide off it easily. Plus, it could double up as a serving board – win win.

Available from Sous Chef (£7)


Pizza stone

Weber pizza stone

If you’re seeking pizza perfection, there are several benefits of using a pizza stone. Not only does it get extremely hot, it also holds the heat evenly across its surface, and because it's porous, it helps draw moisture out of the dough, leaving you with a crisp base.

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It’s important to let the stone get really hot before using – that way, when the pizza touches the surface, the strength of the heat will really puff up the crust. We also recommend dusting the stone with cornmeal or flour to prevent sticking.

This stone fits perfectly into a Weber barbecue grill, but can also be used on any standard barbecue or in the oven. We tested ours on the barbecue (with the lid closed for maximum heat retention) and the result was a perfectly puffed up crust, blistered base and a well-melted, cheesy top.

Available from Weber (£52.99)


Baking tray

Le Creuset insulated cookie sheet

If you don’t have a pizza stone, you can still achieve a crisp base and fluffy crust using a baking tray – just make sure you get it really hot in the oven first. This insulated cookie sheet is great for pizza-making because it’s large, flat, and conducts heat really well, ensuring an evenly cooked base.


Outdoor pizza oven

Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven

The winner in our pizza oven review, the new gas-powered Ooni Koda 16 creates authentic-tasting pizzas in just 60 seconds. Not only is it quick and easy to assemble, it's also easy to clean and feels high-quality and durable, especially for its price.

Available from Ooni (£399)


Metal pizza peel

Aluminium pizza peel/pizza paddle

While a wooden peel (mentioned above) is great for transferring uncooked pizza to a hot tray, stone or pizza oven, a metal peel is best for safely retrieving it once cooked. This is because the metal sheet is thin enough to easily slide under the cooked pizza.

With a surface area of 40 x 35cm, this one is large enough for all sizes of pizza, and, as it's made from aluminium, isn't too heavy. The wooden handle also feels sturdy and comfortable to hold.

Available from Amazon £26.89


Pizza cutter

Microplane pizza cutter

Not only is this pizza wheel super sharp, it’s also a good shape and height to be able to apply pressure on, meaning you can glide through pizza much more easily than with a standard long-handled cutter. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

Available from:
Harts of Stur (£14.35)
Stuff for the Kitchen (£14.50)

Amazon (£17.81)


Oil drizzler

Jars Tourron oil bottle

Like to add garlic or chilli oil to your pizza? Not only will this stylish stoneware bottle look great in your kitchen, it’s also good for controlled, drip-free drizzling. It's available in five colours.

Available from Amara (£16)

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