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Dualit waffle iron

Pros: fast, consistent, good for feeding a crowd, good non-stick, replaceable parts, solid build
Cons: expensive, large, no temperature indicator lights

Overall rating 4/5

Sitting at the catering end of the waffle maker spectrum, the Dualit will easily cope with the demands of a family brunch or indeed a village fête.

It has two individual hot plates with separate power switches. Each switch has a power light, but there is no temperature indicator light to let you know when the plates are heated. Instead, you time eight minutes from turning the plates on.

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This produces flat, round waffles (about 16cm in diameter). This means a short cooking time of about 1.5-2 minutes per batch of waffles (or sixty waffles per hour if you are up to the challenge!).

Each waffle can be divided into four smaller pieces. During testing we cooked several rounds of waffles in a row. The Dualit maintained the temperature well, producing consistently crisp, golden, fluffy waffles.

There is no clip on the handles, but the weight of the lid is enough to keep the top plate in contact with the rising waffle, which is vital for the desired golden crust.

To avoid a volcano effect, the batter needs to be spooned in carefully – just enough to reach the edges of the mould. The manual recommends one large tablespoon per waffle. There is an overflow channel that will catch some of the excess batter, but the margin is quite narrow.

Pushed beyond its limit, the lid will start to slide on the surplus batter as it erupts onto the shiny casing below. Too little batter, however, and the waffle will be more like a dry, crispy cracker than a fluffy baked treat. Expect to make a couple of trial waffles to get it right.

The plates are coated in a double layer of non-stick. They only need a little oil, and in fact, the manual warns that using too much oil can cause discolouration to the stainless steel exterior.

The plates can’t be removed for washing so will need to be wiped down. As is typical of flatter-style waffles, the plates have lots of small indents. These are a bit trickier to clean than those on deep-style waffle machines.

A soft bristled nylon brush comes in handy for cleaning. It’s important to remove all grease after use with a soft cloth to avoid carbon build-up and damage to the surface of the plates.

The machine has plastic handles that stay cool, but the lids and attaching screws get very hot, so using a cloth or oven gloves is advisable. Reassuringly, it has a safety override feature.

The Dualit instruction manual is less informative than the other brands we tested and has no 'hints' section or recipe suggestions. It comes with a one-year guarantee and it is possible to buy replacement parts.

This solidly designed, satin finish stainless steel machine is expensive, heavier and takes up more space than most. At 1600W this is a powerful machine and if you love waffles, have the space and regularly cook for a crowd, then this is an efficient and reliable option.


Removable plates: no
Size: 40 x 22 x 16cm
Weight: 5.45kg
Indicator lights: power only
Waffle size: 16cm round flat-style waffles
Dishwasher safe parts: no

Dualit waffle maker seen from above with waffles being made

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