• large 1-litre beaker, affordable, powerful 600W motor


  • whisk would struggle with thick cake batters, noisy

Cookworks HB951H6 hand blender set summary

With a 600W motor, you get plenty of power for your money with the Cookworks stainless steel hand blender set. Its affordability is a major pro. For just £21.99 you’re getting a hand blender that fulfils three key kitchen functions – blending, chopping and whisking – in one affordable package.


Available from Argos (£21.99)

First impressions

Each accessory arrives individually wrapped inside the Cookworks box. The use of plastic was unfortunately very prominent across all the hand blenders tested so no surprises this was the case here.

The accompanying instructions that arrive with the gadget are simple to follow and have clear diagrams of how to use each component. Each twist and lock into place. The whisk fits into a separate collar and then also twists on.

A big positive tick are the safety credentials. Each blade has a reusable guard which can be placed on for storage. The beaker has a sturdy base for stability and a pouring spout which really helped minimise mess, particularly with pouring smoothies straight into a glass. Its 1-litre capacity is really practical if you’re batch-making soups.

The blender and whisk attachments both fit inside the beaker for storage which significantly reduces the footprint. The bulkiest element is the mini chopper.

Cookworks hand blender lifestyle

Cookworks hand blender set test results

There are eight variable speed controls adjustable by a spinner at the top of the main body, which overcomplicates the functionality slightly. Three would’ve been enough. The power button acts as a pulse function, so just select your speed and it’ll blitz away.

The middle speed settings took some persuasion with the frozen fruit super berry smoothie recipe, but the highest settings blitzed through the bigger chunks with ease.

The lower speeds were perfect for making homemade mayonnaise, which can split if blended too aggressively. The chopper happily munched through the onion.

Despite the whisk feeling a tad flimsy, it whipped the cream easily and would take on light batters like those for pancakes well. Doughs and heavy cake mixes would pose a challenge, so for some extra muscle, take a look at our tried and tested pick of the best stand mixers.

Verdict on the Cookworks hand blender set

For anyone looking for functional versatility without a large price tag, the Cookworks hand blender set is good value for money. The quality of the elements are what you’d expect for the price – there’s no grip aid on the handle, it’s not the quietest blender, and it’s white in colour which can be a blessing and a curse. But this gadget's strengths outweigh the quirks to make it a versatile kitchen tool.

Available from Argos (£21.99)

Cookworks hand blender set specifications

Attachments: blender stick, 1-litre beaker with pouring spout, 500ml chopper and whisk
Wattage: 600W
Blade material: stainless steel
Speed options: eight speed options with a pulse button for max power

Recipes and tips

How to make mayonnaise
Super berry smoothie

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