• large capacity chopping bowl, dishwasher-safe components, simple controls


  • chopping speed is difficult to control, no non-slip feet

Bosch mini chopper MMR08

Shaped like a UFO or flying saucer, this mini chopper certainly is uniquely designed. It comes with a 0.8L chopping bowl, as well as a pair of stainless-steel blades.


Rather than having any buttons or switches to worry about, this model is controlled by pushing down on the lid. The lid can either be pulsed or held down so the blades spin continuously. This is a one-of-a-kind machine with a generous bowl capacity.

How easy is the Bosch mini chopper MMR08 to use?

This mini chopper comes ready assembled, so all you need to do is give the bowl a quick rinse and plug it in. Unless you read the instructions, it’s not immediately obvious how this model works; unlike many of the others we’ve tested, this Bosch doesn’t have any physical controls. Once the ingredients are in the bowl, lightly push down on the ridged portion of the lid to get the blades going.

It’s difficult to have full control over the speed of the blades – you can’t push down more firmly to increase the speed, for example. Bosch don’t advise on the maximum running time of this appliance, though none of the recipes in the manual involve continuous processing for longer than 45 seconds.

A selection of five recipes are included in the manual, including a milkshake, salad dressing and even a cake recipe. There’s also a useful table that lists a variety of ingredients that can be processed, the maximum quantity and how long they should be processed for.

There are a number of useful design features that we enjoyed. There’s a neat little hook that sits on the lid to hold the flex cable for easy storage. Plus, there are capacity markers and measurements along the inside of the bowl. The bowl, blades and lid are all dishwasher-safe too, and we didn't notice any residual smell after cleaning.


To put this mini chopper to the test, we individually processed three ingredients: onion, day-old bread for breadcrumbs and parsley. We also made a bright and fragrant Thai green curry paste.

We chopped our onions into 2cm cubes and pulsed about 10 times. Despite the speed being a little tricky to control, the onions were well chopped and relatively consistent, save for a couple of chunky bits that the blades missed.

Homemade breadcrumbs are a great way of using up stale bread, but we struggled to get this mini chopper to chop the bread evenly. We fear the bread was too light, which meant that the air produced by the spinning blades pushed the bread to the top of the chopper. The bread was chopped up, but we’d have liked to see more consistency.

This model chopped parsley well, though you need to ensure you’re using a large quantity to make it work. The leaves were well chopped and relatively even.

The Bosch excelled when making our Thai green curry paste. It chopped everything well and produced a fine and cohesive paste. We only had to scrape the bowl down once.


At under £30, this extra-terrestrial-looking mini chopper is a great option if you’re on a budget and like the quirky design. It’s simple to operate and has some useful design features. Plus, it’s relatively small, so won’t take up too much space on the kitchen counter or when being stored.

It made light work of the majority of our tests and whilst it won’t produce a chef’s-quality even chop, it comes pretty close. If you often make sauces or curry pastes, this is where this model excels as our curry paste was perfectly chopped and consistent.


Components: lid, motor, blades, 0.8L bowl
Dimensions (cm): H: 25 x W: 19.5 x D: 19.5
Speed settings: pulse and continuous
Wattage: 400
Colours: red

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