Best spirits to buy – our top bottles

From rum, whisky, bourbon and brandy, to gin and vodka – we’ve been busy taste-testing spirits to bring you our definitive review of the best bottles around

Best gin for a gift 

If you’re searching for the perfect gin to give as a gift, Joel and Neil from World’s Best Spirits have rounded up their favourite craft, flavoured and indie gins.  Read our gin gift review


Best bourbon

Looking for the smoothest American bourbon? We bring you 10 Stateside greats. Read our best bourbon review

Best whisky

Whisky – or whiskey – is a complex spirit with bags of flavour. We bring you our 10 best, from peaty Scotch to Japanese single malts. Read our best whisky review

Best artisan gin

We sip our way through the best new-wave, craft gins to bring you a definitive list of contemporary buys. Read our best artisan gin review

Best classic gin 

Gin expert Leon Dalloway reviews bottles of traditional gin for your cocktail-cabinet needs. Read our best classic gin review

Best rum 

From dark and spicy to versatile light versions, we bring you an expert review of rum. Read our best rum review

Best vodka 

Vodka is way more than just a mixer – discover our 10 best buys, including experimental artisan and craft spirits. Read our best vodka review

Best brandy 

Buy the best brandy by reading our rundown of the top bottles from around the world, including armagnac, cognac and calvados. Read our best brandy review

Best tequila

Tequila is for more than just slammers. Discover 10 winning agave-based spirits, including mezcal and sotol. Read our best tequila review.

Best spirits to buy to stay on-trend 

The most innovative, exciting new takes on classic booze to bring your cocktail cabinet bang up to date. Read our 10 on-trend spirits review


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