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The 10 best hip flasks

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Hip flasks make a great gift. Read our review of top buys to find leather, stainless steel and engraved flasks for carrying spirits.

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When choosing a hip flask, there are a few things to consider. Nowadays, most are made from either stainless steel or plastic, both of which have their benefits and drawbacks. The metal ones are sturdy but take a little more maintenance, as most need to be washed by hand, while the plastic ones are usually dishwasher-safe but more likely to take on colours and smells.

Whatever option you go for, be sure you have a hip flask that is easily fillable with a cap that is reliably airtight and think about how portable it is – for example, some will easily slide into a back pocket while others have a bit more bulk.

Whether buying for yourself or looking for a gift, these hip flasks strike the perfect balance between useful and stylish, and will last for years to come. Read on to discover our top picks, and for more buyer's guides, visit our review section, from the best dishwashers to the best personalised water bottles.

Savage silver hip flask on a white background

SAVAGE round hip flask, 5oz

Best budget hip flask

Pros: easy-to-gauge alcohol level
Cons: awkward shape

Able to carry around five ounces (that's about three shots' worth of booze), this hip flask is a good size while fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand. Though you can slot it into a back pocket, the rounded shape gives it a less ergonomic fit than a regular hip flask.

Made from stainless steel with a round glass window, it's stylish to look and the transparent panel allows you to keep an eye on how much you're drinking. It also means you're less likely to over-fill it. While the design is pleasing, take care not to lose the lid, as it isn't attached.

With a reasonable price point and option for engraving, this makes for a thoughtful present, though be prepared to jazz up the presentation – the plain cardboard box it arrives in isn't particularly inspiring.

Buy now from Amazon (£15.08)

Leather hip flask with a collapsible cup on a white background

Hip flask with collapsible cup, 8oz

Best hip flask for groups

Pros: comes with a cup
Cons: leather-style casing looks plastic

If practicality is the aim of your hip flask game, look no further than this version with collapsible cup. Made from stainless steel and capable of holding up to eight ounces (about four shots), it's a generous size, so a group of four would be able to share. That said, it's not too large for a pocket – being roughly the size of a large deck of cards, so it's very easy to carry.

For those who prefer drinking out of a glass, the addition of a 2oz collapsible cup will be welcome. Integrated into the front of the flask, it's simple to detach and erect, making for a much more pleasant sharing experience.

One of the best things about it is the attached lid, which makes pouring and swigging much easier to navigate and less stressful. After all, who wants to be scrambling around on the floor for an errant cap in the middle of a crowd?

While the leather-look plastic finish is a little too obviously fake, you don't have to fear getting it wet and cleaning it is less of a hassle. Just remember to clean out the cup as well.

Buy now from Amazon (£13.95)

Aspinal double leather hip flask on a white background

Aspinal of London double leather hip flask, 6oz

Best keepsake hip flask

Pros: can take two different drinks, high-quality materials
Cons: handwash only

Aspinal of London is well-known as a purveyor of luxury accessories, so it comes as no surprise that the double 6oz leather hip flask looks and feels like something very special. Made from high-shine stainless steel, encased in genuine leather with a suede-lined pouch, it would make an impressive gift.

Comprising two 3oz containers, this one is also ideal for couples with different tastes in tipple, or for those who like a mixer. We found each flask to be sturdy and easy to slot back into the pouch, while the textured edge of the caps made screwing them on and off easy, even with wet fingers. Thanks to the rounded and curved finish, the whole thing fits comfortably into a back or chest pocket.

As each flask is so small and embossed in leather, washing them can be a little fiddly, especially as you have to take care not to get the leather and suede wet. We found the best method was to fill halfway with warm water, replace the cap and shake vigorously before spilling it out, then repeating the process.

If you are buying this as a gift, you can choose from four different leather casings and opt for an engraving on each cap, and it comes beautifully packaged in the iconic Aspinal of London navy and cream packaging.

Buy now from Aspinal of London (£85)

Vapur Incognito Flask on a white background

Vapur Incognito hip flask, 10oz

Best space-saving hip flask

Pros: light and easy to carry
Cons: difficult to refill

Sometimes we only really care about how functional a product is, rather than how good it looks. This Vapur flask might not be much to look at, but it ticks all the boxes for practicality.

Made from a BPA-free plastic, it's entirely malleable, making it easy to squeeze into the most awkward of spaces and it's very lightweight – exactly what you need if you're heading to a festival or on a camping trip.

Thanks to the material, it can hold up to 10 ounces, so you can take a glass of wine on the go, if you fancy. The only slight issue we encountered was in the refilling. Though it comes equipped with its own decanter spout, the opening is very small, so it's quite a fiddly job and definitely not one you'd want to undertake anywhere where spillages will be a nuisance.

Buy now from Amazon (£6.23)

Hammered metal silver hip flask with a golden top on a white background

Farrar & Tanner Culinary Concepts hip flask, 6oz

Best keepsake hip flask

Pros: high-quality finish, good value
Cons: lid is unattached

Farrar & Tanner has made a bit of a name for itself with its carefully curated collection of thoughtful but practical trinkets and this Culinary Concepts hip flask is no exception.

Plated in hammered silver with a gold finish cap, it's easily one of the most beautiful on the list and with the option to engrave and a gorgeous mint green presentation box, makes for a stunning (and still reasonably priced) gift.

Aside from the antique-like aesthetics, the inner stainless steel cartridge keeps alcohol fairly cool and the six-ounce capacity is large enough for several generous gulps. Though the lid isn't attached, it feels heavy and sturdy and we found the screwing and unscrewing process to be a pleasant one – it doesn't make the scratchy sound that most hip flasks usually do.

Once screwed on tightly, the lid doesn't budge either, so you can rest assured that if the flask is sitting in a bag, it's highly unlikely to leak. About the size of a palm and with a curved edge, it easily fits into a pocket and is heavy enough not to slip out unnoticed.

Given that the outer is made from silver, it'll need a bit of care. After washing in warm water, it'll need polishing with a clean, dry cloth to keep its shine.

Buy now from Farrar and Tanner (£30)

Ted Baker hip flask with shot cups on top on a white background

Ted Baker hip flask and shot cups, 10oz

Best hip flask for picnics

Pros: comes with two shot glasses
Cons: impractical shape for pocket storage

At 10 ounces, the Ted Baker is easily the largest on the list, though it's worth saying upfront, not the easiest to store about your person due to the tubular shape. Despite this, it still remains practical in other areas, mainly thanks to the fact that it comes with two shot glasses that can be easily slotted over the lid and secured via a leather strap.

This is the kind of hip flask that would fit perfectly into a picnic basket rather than a jacket pocket, so as long as it's reserved for this kind of use, you won’t find it inconvenient. With a large, easy-to-grip cap, one of the things we liked most about it was how easy it was to fill. The cap itself was also easy to slot on correctly and screwed on tightly without too much effort. Made from stainless steel and finished in an embossed leather, it's pleasing to look at and refreshingly different from the usual design.

Though not dishwasher-safe, thanks to the simple bottle-like shape, cleaning is also relatively hassle-free, as long as care is taken not to get the leather elements too wet.

Skinny Dip rainbow diamante hip flask on a white background

Skinny Dip, Rainbow Bling hip flask, 7oz

Best hip flask for parties Pros: fun design
Cons: not made from stainless steel

If you're using a hip flask, chances are you're heading out to do something fun, whether that's off to a party or out to a gig. This one tailors itself perfectly to this purpose thanks to its rainbow diamanté design, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone with a fun-loving nature.

Given that it's made from a sturdy metal, it's hardwearing, though care will need to be taken not to chip any of the gems off (which are very well applied but could be dislodged with a vigorous knock). Slim and subtly curved, the body is exactly the size and shape of a traditional hip flask and as well as looking good, the gem stones give it a little extra grip in pocket.

The cap, though a little screechy when opening, is fully attached, so the changes of losing it on the dancefloor are minimal.

Holding seven ounces, it's a decent size for a group. Just make sure someone with a steady hand is in charge of the decanting – the opening is slim and spillages are likely if the contents are poured too quickly.

Buy now from Skinny Dip (£18)

Stanley Adventure eCycle flask in blue on a white background

Stanley, Adventure eCycle hip flask, 6oz

Best hip flask for trekkingPros: made from recycled materials
Cons: style

For adventurers who are more interested in long treks that work up a sweat than casual strolls to the nearest pub, this flask is just the walking companion you're looking for.

Made from recycled plastic, it can hold up to six ounces, making it large enough to get you through a particularly cold day but small enough not to add unnecessary weight to your load. Of course, being a product by Stanley – a company that's known for practicality – it's more concerned with reliability than aesthetics. Slim and tall, it's easy to carry in a pocket and comes with a leak-proof guarantee.

A wide, easy-to-secure cap makes for fuss-free swigging, while a larger clip-fasten opening makes decanting and cleaning easy. Even better, thanks to its materials, it's dishwasher safe, so by far the easiest to clean on the list. Just be careful to rinse it thoroughly so that the plastic doesn't take on any unwanted colours or odours.

We found the product to be exactly as we expected, though the plastic packaging was a bit of a disappointment given the recycled components of the product itself. A brisk walk with the flask tucked into a back pocket proved it capable of withstanding a fair amount of movement and the tipple inside was still surprisingly cool upon tasting.

Practical and well priced, it may not win any awards for style but it's certainly up to scratch in the reliability department.

Buy now from Go Outdoors (£7.49)

Leather hipflasks with personalised monogram finish

Hord Rust leather hip flask, 3-8oz

Best eco-friendly hip flask

Pros: uses waste leather
Cons: lid needs careful placing

Those who like a rugged, antique look will be enamoured by this Hord flask. An inner stainless steel capsule is largely obscured by a beautiful distressed leather outer, which smells just as good as it looks. What makes it even better is that it's made using leather offcuts from other products, so the eco-minded can rest assured that little has been wasted in the making of the flask.

With a choice of three-, six- or eight-ounce capacity and a wide range of fonts for embossing, this flask allows plenty of scope for personalisation.

Arriving in a slim cardboard box with a funnel and description card, it's also a great last-minute gift for anyone looking to send a present directly to the recipient.

In terms of practicality, the flask needs to be washed by hand, which is easy to do when you add a little warm water and give it a good shake. An attached lid with grips makes it simple to swig from and the inclusion of the funnel means filling it is a breeze.

The only issue to watch out for is that with the cap being quite shallow, it's easy to screw on incorrectly, so care needs to be taken to ensure it's fully secure before putting it away in a bag or pocket.

Buy now from Hord (£30)

Rose Gold bangle hip flask

The Pocket Hip Flask Company, rose gold bangle hip flask, 3.5oz

Best hip flask for a party

Pros: unique design
Cons: doesn't hold much liquid

Made from stainless steel coloured in rose gold and styled to act as a bracelet, this is unlike any hip flask we've seen before. It's perfect for partygoers as you can wear it on the dancefloor and not have to worry about losing it.

Given its shape, it's unsurprising that it doesn't hold that much liquid (just three-and-a-half ounces), so after a couple of swigs, it's simply a piece of jewellery.

The lid, fashioned into a bobble, is easy to screw on and off (though it needs to be carefully placed to do so) and stays put even after some vigorous jumping around. Luckily, a funnel is included in the box, so filling it was much easier than anticipated.

A major downside is that it's difficult to clean – the bangle shape means it takes some serious shaking to get it thoroughly washed. The best technique, we found, was to shake it first as if turning a door knob, to get rid of any remnants of booze, then do the same with warm water.

Buy from Pocket Hipflask (£22.99)

What we looked for when testing hip flasks

Ergonomics: We looked for pleasing aesthetics and styles that were easy to store in pockets and bags.

Ease of cleaning: Hip flasks can quickly degrade if not cleaned properly, so we looked for styles that were easy to fill and had lids reliable enough that you could thoroughly shake them to dislodge any stubborn liquid.

Value for money: As proven by this list, the price of hip flasks can vary wildly, so we seriously thought about whether or not they were value for money as a practical item but also, in some cases, as a thoughtful gift.

Practicality: As hip flasks are meant for use on the go, we carefully considered each for its practically. Is it easy to open and close, easy to pour or swig from and comfortable to store?

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This review was last updated in September 2019. If you have any questions or suggestions for future reviews, or spot anything that has changed in price or availability, please get in touch at For information on alcohol guidelines, read our guide to drinking responsibly.

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