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Azuma Rhino charcoal barbecue review

Charcoal barbecues offer the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. Read our review of the Azuma barbecue to see whether it scored highly in our tests.

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Azuma Rhino charcoal BBQ

Pros: Adjustable grill height, charcoal door
Cons: Assembly

Overall score: 4/5

Available from:

Azuma (£149.99)
Amazon (£149.99)

The Azuma Rhino was the most troublesome and lengthy to assemble of all the barbecues we tested  – thanks to poorly fitting bolts and unclear instructions, it took two hours – but once past that, there is a lot to recommend about it. 

An ample 57cm wide grill with a sturdy rack above can take food for four and many more. The upper rack is good for keeping cooked food warm, or for indirect cooking of more delicate foods. Lid down, the heat circulated well, resulting in perfectly cooked food. Even the halloumi was soft and did not stick. 

But the front handle and charcoal door are the real selling points. A robust handle at the front winds the charcoal basket smoothly up and down, moving heat away from the food. If your coals starts to die out, you can open the front door and add more with no need to move any food or red-hot grills. These two features alone make this barbecue worth buying. 

There’s a handy shelf at the side, perfect for food and a glass of beer, plus hooks for hanging tools and oven mitts. There’s not much to dislike here and it’s excellent value.

Available from:

Azuma (£149.99)
Amazon (£149.99)


Style: American
Cooking grill size: 57cm
Height: 109cm
Hood and Vents: Yes
Wheels and Locks: Two wheels, no lock
Material: Steel

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