Have you signed up for our latest Healthy Diet Plan? Join over 400,000 people who have now signed up for our plans. Choose between meat-eater's, vegetarian and vegan options that offer budget-friendly and low-waste recipes. Our latest plans serve two people for one week, and bring you 27 comforting recipes that are quick, easy and practical to make, while minimising waste.


Once you've chosen your plan, discover even more recipes and tips below to help you feel your best this year.


1. Healthy Diet Plan – extra recipes

healthy roast dinner

Discover even more delicious Healthy Diet Plan recipes, so you can expand your cooking repertoire and continue to feel good every day.

2. Healthy Diet Plan – 35 snacks and sweet treats

cinnamon stewed apples on pink background

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes for satisfying snacks and wholesome sweet treats to enjoy alongside our Healthy Diet Plans.

Expert tips and suggestions

1. 6 tips to make the most of your plan

Maximise the results of your healthy eating plan with our top tips, from how to boost vitamin D to nutritious snack ideas.

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2. How to feel more energetic

How to feel more energetic

Keen to beat tiredness and feel more energised throughout the day? Discover how BBC Good Food’s Healthy Diet Plans can help boost your energy levels.

3. How to improve your digestion

Keen to improve your gut health and digestion? Discover gut-friendly recipes and find the best foods to eat using BBC Good Food's Healthy Diet Plans.

4. How to cut back on sugar

cupcakes on a blue background

Keen to reduce your sugar intake? Discover three top tips for adopting a low-sugar lifestyle, plus how BBC Good Food's Healthy Diet Plans can help.

5. How to lose excess weight

Want to lose weight in a healthy way while still eating delicious food? Discover how BBC Good Food's Healthy Diet Plans can help you achieve your goal.

6. How to support your immunity

sliced oranges on a blue background

Discover how diet and lifestyle changes can help support the immune system, and how BBC Good Food's Healthy Diet Plans can help you get all the nutrients you need.

7. How to get more active

Keen to increase your exercise and feel fantastic? Discover the benefits of physical activity and top tips to stay fuelled after your workout.

8. How food affects your mood

Turkey salad with grapes & walnuts on a large platter

Explore the effect food can have on your mood with nutritionist Kerry Torrens. Read on to discover how feelings of anxiety, low mood and even lack of interest may be down to what you eat.

9. The benefits of exercise on mental health

Shot of a young woman wearing headphones and using a laptop while exercising at home

Exercising isn't just about improving our physical health. Here, we discuss the benefits it can have on our mental well-being, from combating stress to boosting brain power.

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