Christmas envelope decorations

How to make envelope place names

Decorate the Christmas dinner table with these elegant placeholders made from handwritten envelopes and seasonal foliage.

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For this craft you will need:

  • 1 piece of card (any colour)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • foliage (holly leaves, rosemary or any greenery of your choice)
  • dried oranges or other adornments

Total time:

Step 1

Using the template, trace the envelope shape onto a piece of card and cut out using scissors. Score along the dotted lines, being sure not to cut through the card. Fold flap A and B into the middle, then fold flap C up and glue along its edges so it’s secured to A and B, creating an envelope with an open top.

Step 2

Glue foliage and decorations into the top of the envelope, so that everything is bursting out of the top (as pictured above). You can write the guest’s name on what would normally be the back of the envelope. Alternatively, write the name of the guest on the front of the envelope, then write a joke or make a Christmas hat and place these inside the envelope as a surprise for guests.



The template can be enlarged or made smaller – just be sure to keep the scale the same throughout.