How to rescue baking disasters

For our new series of SOS articles, we called upon some of our famous baking friends to tell us how to salvage sunken sponges, curdled cake mix and a host of other flour-based problems. Read tips from Jo Wheatley, Luis Troyano, Kimberley Wilson and more...

Luis Troyano’s guide to solving bread problems

Great British Bake Off 2014 finalist Luis gives you all you need to know about rescuing dough.
Read Luis’ bread tips


Richard Burr’s guide to rescuing desserts

Richard shares advice on how to solve common problems with meringue, cheesecake, trifle and more.
Read tips from Richard

Jo Wheatley’s guide to rescuing biscuits

Great British Bake Off 2011 winner Jo shares her advice for tackling common biscuit issues.
Read Jo’s tips for troubleshooting biscuits

Kimberley Wilson’s top 10 ways to tackle decoration dilemmas

Great British Bake Off 2013 finalist Kimberley talks through easy ways of making your bake shine.
Read Kimberley’s quick decoration fixes

Richard Burr’s guide to solving pastry problems

Richard gives his advice for pie-making, pastry-rolling and much more…
Read Richard’s tips

Jo Wheatley’s tips for solving cake disasters

Read Jo’s advice for bringing cakes back from the brink.
Jo’s 10 ways to rescue cake


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