Pearl barley, bacon & leek casserole

5 nights of budget family suppers

Want to feed the family without breaking the bank? Discover our scrumptious and satisfying suppers, with no leftover meat or veg going to waste...

Economic uncertainty means plenty of families are having to think extra hard about how they make the most out of their shopping budget but frugal cooking can be a creative and nutritious way of eating together. This plan has been designed to provide homemade, delicious suppers for your family that make the most of everything you put on your shopping list.



Make Monday evening feel better, with a comforting homemade supper of braised bacon, colcannon cakes and perfectly fried eggs. Braising the bacon might feel a bit time-consuming for a Monday night, but you’ll be using it for tomorrow’s supper too, and it takes minimum preparation time. Bound to be a hit with kids, this dish is one of your five-a-day and good for you too. 


Hearty, comforting and perfect after a long day at work and school. This pearl barley, bacon & leek casserole is a real crowd-pleaser, as well as packing in two of your family’s five-a-day. If you have an excess of ingredients then this dish is freezable, so a great way of having an extra supper in the freezer.


A warming beef & lentil cottage pie with cauliflower & potato topping is a great way of squeezing in pulses and vegetables the kids might not normally try. Bulking out mince with healthy pulses is also a crafty way of making your meat go further. Serve with extra Dijon mustard on the side for those who like it a little bit hot and remember to leave some extra mash topping to one side to accompany tomorrow’s dinner. 


This roast sausage & squash with mustard & sage dish is packed full of beautiful flavours, that take it beyond classic bangers and mash. The aroma of this cooking will have everyone at the table in anticipation and it won’t keep you stuck in the kitchen all night either.


This deliciously healthy Friday night supper, will beat a takeaway hands down. Packing in three of your five a day, this red lentil & squash dhal is also low in fat and calories. At 85p per person this is probably about the price of a takeaway poppadum, so plenty of reason to start the weekend on a high.


What are your budget cooking tips? Have you tried the meal plan and how did you find it? We would love to hear from you…