The best fairy cake recipes for kids

Bake our favourite fairy cakes for a fun way to introduce kids to the kitchen. Let them get creative by using icing and sweeties to decorate their cakes.

Bring a touch of magic into your kitchen with these simple fairy cake recipes. These dainty bites are drizzled with icing then styled however you like – kids will love sprinkling, smattering and scattering their chosen decorations on their super sponges. They’re also great for bake sales and make an easy storecupboard treat.


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1. Iced fairy cakes

Our colourful little iced fairy cakes are so simple that anyone can master them. Get the kids to test out their kitchen skills by helping with the mixing, egg cracking and icing of the final product. Marshmallows and sprinkles at the ready!

2. Pretty pink fairy cakes

These super simple sponges are the perfect cake canvas for kids to let loose on. Our classic fairy cake recipe is so easy to make – this is a great activity for a party or a rainy Sunday afternoon. Let children pick their favourite colours for the icing and get a variety of sweeties for decorating.

3. Dotty banana fairy cakes

We’re going bananas for these dotty fairy cakes. These simple cakes are pretty as a picture and ready for a party. The banana adds a little sweetness and keeps the sponge moist. Even the least confident of bakers will be able to master these delicious banana bites. They’d also be just as tasty with melted chocolate icing if you’re craving cocoa.

4. Chocolate & banana fairy cakes

You can’t beat a classic flavour combination like chocolate and banana. Our easy banana fairy cakes take just 10 minutes to prep. A dollop of white chocolate icing and a finishing touch of cinnamon makes these treats perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. If you’re transporting your cakes, brush the banana slices with a little lemon juice to stop them going brown.

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