10 tips for next level turkey & ham pie

Create a festive showstopper with our expert tips for making turkey and ham pie. This comforting dish combines two classic Christmas meats inside a crumbly homemade pastry crust.


We’ve pulled out all the stops to create a proper pie that celebrates the flavours of Christmas and makes the most of leftover turkey and ham. Fully encased in pastry and packed with a rich, meaty filling, it’s indulgent and totally delicious.


Although homemade pastry takes a bit more time and effort than using shop-bought, it’s completely worth it for the luxurious, crumbly end result achieved from using different fats. To complement the festive filling, we’ve also flavoured the pastry with dried sage to reflect a classic turkey stuffing.

This pie is equally delicious eaten either hot or cold, and the size can also be adjusted to suit the number of people you’re catering for, or amount of meat you have left over from Christmas Day.

See the full turkey & ham pie recipe or find more tips with our guide on how to make next level turkey & ham pie.

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