Healthy Diet Plan Winter 2024

Introducing your Weight-Loss Diet

What does the Weight-Loss Diet involve?

  • This winter, our Healthy Diet Plan includes two options; this version of the plan is calorie-counted to help with weight loss.
  • You’ll enjoy delicious recipes – there are no meal substitutes here, just wholesome dishes with simple ingredients.
  • Generous portions will keep you feeling full and minimise cravings, because healthy weight loss isn’t about starving yourself.
  • We’ve made it easy to go vegan, including tweaks to recipes or alternative plant-based dishes.

We also have a Healthy Eating Plan. Both our plans provide:

  • Clever time-saving recipes, so you won’t spend ages cooking
  • Five-a-day (and more!) fruit and veg
  • Healthy fats and lean proteins to achieve nutrition goals
  • Slow-release carbs for consistent energy levels and fewer cravings
  • Health-boosting ingredients like fermented foods and wholegrains
  • A helping hand to minimise processed ingredients and free sugars
  • Bonus content for expert advice on how to feel your very best

Check out our Healthy Eating Plan

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