Whether you’re following our Flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan plan follow these helpful tips to make the week run smoothly. With all our plans, you'll enjoy colourful, wholesome recipes like the below – all easy to make and packed with nutrients.


You'll find more bonus content from our experts, designed to help you feel your best, such as how to get more active, cut back on sugar and support your immunity. Plus, read up on the benefits of exercise on mental health.

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1. Get your body ready

Most of us don’t eat enough fibre, so get your digestive system used to some of our more fibre-rich foods by introducing some of the recipes a day or two before you start the full plan.

Find out more about fibre and how much you should eat a day.

2. Use our handy shopping lists

Find our printable and downloadable shopping lists [INSERT LINK] and use them to get prepared for the week ahead.

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3. Prepare in advance

The secret to success is being organised, so use the Saturday before you start the plan to shop for ingredients and prep ahead for busier days.

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Vegan Jambalaya HDP page

4. Shop smart

Our plan makes the most of storecupboard staples – from canned beans and tomatoes to dried fruit, oats and condiments. These products save time, minimise waste and are budget-friendly.

Read up on the health benefits of canned fruit and vegetables.

5. Stick to the daily plan

While you can choose between our flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan plans, keep to your daily meals to ensure you achieve the right balance of protein, fat and carbs. This should result in a modest calorie shortfall and help encourage steady weight loss. You’ll also achieve all five of your 5-a-day (or more) and keep within the recommended Reference Intakes (RI) for fats, protein, sugar and salt, while avoiding any ultra-processed foods.

Read up on how much protein and how much fat you need a day.

6. Tweak flavours to your taste

Add tasty herbs and spices like chilli, ginger and garlic to your meals. A pinch or two of extra flavouring can make all the difference to your enjoyment if you’re used to spicy dishes. What’s more, they aid blood flow and are thermogenic, which means they boost your metabolism.

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