What is caviar?

Caviar is salted fish eggs (roe) and is widely regarded as the most luxurious food item in the world. There are three types of caviar. Beluga is the rarest and most expensive. The eggs are dark grey in colour, large and well separated. Iscveitra is golden coloured, smaller and oily in texture while Sevruga is the least expensive and greenish-grey, small and distinctly salty in flavour.


All year round.

Prepare it

Serve cold in a container resting on ice with good quality cracker biscuits or lemon wedges. To serve, some people prefer to use a mother-of-pearl spoon rather than a metal spoon, as metal is believed to taint the flavour of the caviar.

Store it

Caviar perishes quickly so make sure it's kept in the fridge.


Try salmon roe or lipfish roe.