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How to freeze onions


Learn the best way to freeze onions, including the technique of open freezing, and save on waste in the kitchen, then try our favourite onion recipes.

By freezing surplus onions, you'll not only cut down on food waste but save yourself time in the kitchen when you come to cook. Onions are, after all, the base for so many dishes.


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How to freeze onions

  1. If you can fit a baking sheet into your freezer, then line one with a silicone sheet or some baking parchment. If you don’t have room, find a shallow container that will fit and line that.
  2. Peel the onions and then chop, slice or quarter them.
  3. Scatter the pieces over the sheet so they are not touching. (Use a separate sheet for each size of onion pieces.)
  4. Put the tray in the freezer for a few hours, until the onion is frozen through. Tip the pieces into containers or freezer bags and label them.

Frozen onions will keep for 3-6 months in the freezer – any longer and the texture or flavour might deteriorate.

Open-freezing the onions on trays first avoids clumping and makes it easier to portion out.

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