3 ways to carve a pumpkin for Halloween

Throwing a Halloween party, or just looking to welcome trick-or-treaters? Discover three magical ways to create the perfect carved pumpkin...

Points to remember

  • How to make a classic pumpkin face: Use a sharp pencil or skewer to punch small holes into the pumpkin all around the outline of the template / Follow the dotted line you have created with a sharp knife, cutting all the way through the pumpkin / Push the shapes out from the inside out and neaten up the edges.
  • How to create your design with a drill: Draw guide lines where you want to make the drill holes then carefully drill through.
  • How to carve a pumpkin with lino cutting tools: Draw around your template then remove and score the pumpkin around the design with a sharp knife / Use a fine lino cutter to create long spokes coming out from your scored design. Only cut through the top layer of skin at this point / Once you have gone all the way around your design use different size lino cutters, a sharp knife or skewer to add detail.