How to prepare chillies

Learn how to handle chilli with confidence with our 'how to' video from the BBC Good Food cookery team showing how to shred, slice and dice.

Points to remember

  • Make rings by slicing across the whole chilli with a sharp knife.
  • To cut into fine shreds, slice the green top off the chilli, then remove the seeds with a knife or teaspoon. Keep the chilli skin-side down and slice lengthways into thin shreds.
  • To cut into fine dice, cut the shreds across into even cubes.

The white membrane and seeds are the hottest part of the chilli. Remove them before slicing, or slice the whole chilli with the seeds in if heat is required.


Placing the chilli skin-side down on the board makes it easier to cut. 


Immediately wash hands in cold water rather than hot water after handling chillies – hot water can make the chilli sink into your skin and it’s impossible to wash off.