How to make guacamole

Create the perfect Mexican dip using avocado, coriander, chilli and lime.

Points to remember

  • Cut the onion in half through the root then peel. Lay the onion down cut side down. Trim the top but leave the root intact to help it stay together while cutting. Slice horizontally at intervals and then vertically to give you small dice.
  • Hold the chilli by the stalk and halve lengthways. Lay each chilli half skin side down and position a fork near the stalk to hold the chilli in place.
  • Deseed by scraping the chilli with your knife, then cut strips lengthways, keeping the stalk intact. Now chop across the strips into a fine dice. Discard the stalk.
  • Cut the avocado in half right to the stone and twist to open.
  • A small sharp tap on the avocado stone with your knife will help it come away easily from the flesh.
  • Peel away the skin and roughly chop the avocado. Squeeze over a little lime juice to stop it from browning.
  • Roughly chop a handful of coriander leaves.
  • Put all ingredients in a bowl and mash with a fork or use a food processor and pulse for a smoother consistency.

Use a really ripe avocado – if yours isn’t ripe, leave it in a bowl with bananas for a few days, this will help it ripen more quickly.


Always chop your herbs last, to keep them fresh and vibrant.