How to make a pumpkin spice latte

Whip up the perfect pumpkin spice latte for a warming autumnal drink, combining smooth pumpkin purée, coffee, fragrant spices and frothy milk.

Recipe for a pumpkin spice latte:

  1. Place 2 tsp pumpkin purée into a large heatproof glass.
  2. Add a pinch each of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
  3. Stir in a 30ml espresso coffee shot.
  4. Heat 250ml milk of your choice in a saucepan until steaming and frothed.
  5. Pour the hot milk into the heatproof glass and top with froth.
  6. Stir to combine then dust with more cinnamon before drinking.

Try our easy pumpkin spice latte recipe for yourself and whip up a seasonal classic.

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