• Fast and striking


  • Design won't appeal to everyone

Russell Hobbs Structure kettle summary

This striking kettle has a geometric design and comes in black, white or grey, with matching toasters also available.


This model is made of a mix of plastic and stainless steel, and the angular pull-off lid echoes the rest of the design.

The on switch is nicely chunky, with the end lighting up in stylish blue. The 360-degree base makes it equally suitable for both left- and right-handed people.

One clever feature of this kettle is ‘rapid boil’, designed to produce a single cup in a super-speedy 45 seconds. This saves time, water and energy if you’re just making a drink for yourself. You measure the water using a red marker inside the kettle, which is slightly tricky to get exactly right – this probably accounts for the fact we timed the rapid boil feature at 46 seconds instead. There are also markers for two or three cups, if you're serving more.

The kettle is no slouch when making tea for the masses either – in our tests, it boiled a litre in an average of 2 mins 14 seconds.

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Russell Hobbs Structure kettle specifications:
Choice of temperature: no
Temperature indicator: no
Keep warm function: no
Water level indicator: yes
Removable limescale filter: yes
Lid type: pull-off
Capacity: 1.7-litre
Dimensions: 15.7 x 22.1 x 27.4cm
Weight: 1.15kg
Finished beep: no