• Small but punchy


  • No setting for baked potatoes

Russell Hobbs Scandi Microwave summary

The Scandi microwave from Russell Hobbs may be the smallest microwave on our test at only 17-litre capacity and a tiny footprint, but it still delivers.


The soft-touch wood effect handle and dial, matt-grey casing and mirrored door look lovely and are subtle enough to suit any kitchen décor.

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How easy was the Russell Hobbs Scandi Microwave to use?

Getting the microwave up and running takes moments; the instructions book is quite detailed, making it seem more complicated than it is. There's a small digital screen, six push buttons and a selector dial. The turntable is just 24.5cm, but it fit a dinner plate easily.

We like the express button, which neatly adds 30 seconds with each press for up to 5 minutes, then jumps by one. An automatic delay function is a little confusing on first use, but it becomes intuitive quickly. The microwave also has a child lock and offers multi-stage cooking.


For such a small and inexpensive microwave, it is surprising to see eight auto-cook settings for various handy shortcuts but, surprisingly, not one for baked potatoes.

With only 700-watt power, we were not surprised that our chicken needed extra time for defrosting and cooking compared to larger microwaves, but everything we did cook was good, just slower than usual.


The Scandi is a good-looking little microwave with a chic design. If all you want is a few simple, functional settings leaving the whistles and bells of the bigger ones to those who need them, this is the model to buy.

Russell Hobbs microwave oven specifications
Capacity: 17 litres
Wattage: microwave 700W
Dimensions: H256mm, W451mm, D353mm ‎

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