• compact design, easy to use, dishwasher-safe components


  • sides get hot

This compact slow cooker from Lakeland is a great choice for small families or couples. It comes with a 3.5 litre ceramic pot with two handles either side, allowing the pot to double as a serving dish. There are also handles either side of the slow cooker, making it safe and easy to carry around.


It’s a straightforward slow cooker to use thanks to its two settings, plus an auto (keep warm) setting.

How easy is the Lakeland 3.5L slow cooker to use?

Taking up as much room as a four-slot toaster, this Lakeland slow cooker is neat and compact on the kitchen counter. The control panel is simple to use and well labelled.

Little effort is needed to assemble this model; it’s intuitive, as well as quick and easy. The lid doesn’t fit tightly to the bowl but forms a good enough seal to stop steam from escaping.

The instruction manual is clear and concise. It even includes four recipes to get you started.

The lid is glass, which allowed us to check on the progress of our stew as it was cooking. We didn’t spot any scorch marks on the base of the pot after we’d decanted our stew, but we did find the sides of the slow cooker got very hot while it was on.


We cooked made a slow cooker beef stew to put this model to the test. After cooking, all vegetables were well cooked and vibrant, but still had some remaining bite. The sauce was a good consistency, perfect for pouring over mounds of mashed potatoes. However, the beef was ever so slightly dry, which was disappointing.

How sustainable is the Lakeland 3.5L slow cooker?

The manual details information about recycling and directs the user to local recycling points. There isn’t any information regarding where to get hold of spare parts should anything break.

We were disappointed by the amount of non-recyclable plastic packaging, too.


This budget-friendly slow cooker from Lakeland is a great choice if you’re looking for a space-saving option. It’s simple to use and designed with ease of use in mind. Our cooked stew was tasty, but it was a shame that the beef was slightly dry. The vegetables were perfectly cooked, though.

Key specifications

Capacity: 3.5 litres
Size (cm): HxWxD 35 x 24 x 17cm
Settings: meat, poultry, soup, vegetables, automatic, keep warm
Pot: ceramic
Lid: glass and plastic
Dishwasher-safe components: pot only
Made in: China

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