• Speed of cooking, quality of cooked rice, price


  • Microwave condensation

Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine microwave rice cooker summary

The Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine microwave rice cooker is the most surprising rice cooker on test, based on its price and excellent rice cooking. The simple 2-litre cooker is made of rigid plastic and has a stylish orange rice paddle that doubles as a handle and lock. It also includes a rice measure and an inner bowl, which doubles up as a colander to wash the rice and cook. The cooker is only for microwave use and is entirely dishwasher-safe. We love its simplicity and good looks.


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How easy is the rice cooker to use?

Using this rice cooker could not be easier – though you do not need instructions, it does come with one page of timings and measures for four different types of rice as well as for making porridge.

Ready to cook? Remove the inner bowl and tip in the rice (measured using the handled cup). Wash the rice under cold running water and once clear, put the bowl back into the pot. We like this process as not only is it quick and efficient, but it also saves getting the sieve or colander out and washing it up after. Next, add the suggested amount of water, pop the lid on, then lock it by sliding in the orange paddle, taking care not to cover up the holes in the lid that are required to release steam. Finally, carry it to the microwave and cook. It is that simple.

Cooking results

We cooked two portions of white rice which took 10-12 minutes, while wholegrain rice took 30 minutes. Both rice types need to stand for 5 minutes before serving. The white rice fluffed up beautifully and the brown was also excellent with separate, dry grains. We cooked several more batches and each came out just as good. The cooker can make up to six portions of rice, so we tested a larger amount, too. The rice was still excellent, though there was a lot of condensation inside the microwave. We left the rice in the colander for a while before serving but it went sticky, so it is best taken out after cooking.


The Joseph Joseph is a lovely bargain-priced rice cooker that's simple yet stylish in its design. The instructions are all based on an 800W microwave with no timings for other sizes, so you will have to adjust timings if your microwave varies. We are so impressed with this straightforward cooker, because whether making two or six portions, the rice is perfect every time.


Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine microwave rice cooker specifications

Food Capacity: 2L
Power: 900W
Weight: 535g
Dimensions: 22.1 x 13.46 x 18.03 cm