• slim ergonomic handles, distinct S-shaped handles, oven safe up to 260C, size of pan detailed on underside, dishwasher safe, metal utensil safe


  • no steam vent, can’t place lids ajar

Circulon C Series SteelShield 3-piece saucepan set summary

Circulon’s C Series SteelShield range is a collection of non-stick cookware that cooks like steel. We’ve tested the Circulon C Series SteelShield frying pan in addition to this three-piece set. In this set comes 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans.


This saucepan set is metal utensil safe, dishwasher safe and oven-safe up to 260C.

What is the Circulon C Series SteelShield 3-piece saucepan set like to cook with?

Like all Circulon pans, this set features the iconic concentric circle design on the inside. Each circle is slightly raised, protecting the non-stick coating while also making the pan easier to clean. On the outside, these pans are notable for their highly polished finish; they’re almost mirror-like. As attractive as this design is, we noticed that it marked easily with fingerprints and required buffing after cleaning to restore that same quality finish.

The handles are long and sculpted. They fit neatly in the contours of the hand and are comfortable to hold. In test, these stayed cool throughout.

The lids come with a striking S-shaped handle. They don’t have a steam vent and we found that we needed to be careful about where the lid was placed. We suggest pulling the lid towards you to allow the steam to escape out the back.

In some cases, you need to place the lid at an angle or ajar, but with these lids we were unable to as they kept slipping back on.


These pans were quick to reach temperature. Our water for pasta came to a boil in just two and a half minutes. The pan retains heat well and is responsive to changes in temperature. With the lid fully on, the pan did start to boil over, but as soon as the temperature was turned down, it stopped.

In the medium-sized pan we fried onions and this is where this pan came into its own. Our onions cooked gently while achieving the brown crisp edges we were looking for. Every last piece of onion came out of the pan – nothing stuck.

In the smallest pan, we cooked scrambled eggs and porridge. When cooking scrambled eggs, we found that the egg mix settled in the rivets and became slightly more overcooked than the rest of the scramble. Vigorous mixing kept the scrambled eggs moving, but when eaten we found there were some harder, overcooked bits of egg throughout. We did find the pan a lovely shape to cook in and our spatula was able to reach right into the edges.

Milk for porridge was quick to come to a simmer. It cooked our porridge gently and we scraped the pan out as cleanly as we could. A thin layer of milk remained as expected, but pay special attention to the rivets as food can gather there. The non-stick is effective, so very little elbow grease was needed.


This is a striking pan set thanks to the mirrored finish and concentric circle design. If you’re debating between a non-stick or uncoated pan set, this Circulon set is the ideal hybrid. It tackles hard searing and delicate cooking with equal aplomb, though watch out for the rivets if you’re looking to produce a smooth texture. This set sits on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price, but the SteelShield range does come with a lifetime guarantee.


Size of pans: 16, 18 and 20cm
Non-stick coating: yes
Material: Stainless steel
Induction compatible: yes
Oven safe: yes to 260C

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