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Amazon Basics titanium plasma non-stick frying pan review

A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
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This simple and unassuming little frying pan from Amazon Basics produced some of the best-looking pancakes we've seen. Read our full review.


  • budget-friendly, comfortable handle, handle can be tightened, suitable for all hob types


  • very light, feels a little cheap, not oven-safe to high temperature

Amazon Basics titanium plasma summary

Simply designed, this Amazon Basics frying pan is available in two different sizes – 24cm and 28cm. It’s suitable for all hob types, including induction.


The pan itself is very thin and therefore light to hold. There is also an exposed crosshead screw, meaning the handle is easy to tighten up if it becomes loose over time. It’s oven safe up to 150C and dishwasher safe too.

How is the Amazon Basics frying pan to use?

If you’re after a frying pan free from frills or distinct design features, this model is a good fit. It’s pretty basic looking, but considering its price and that it’s from Amazon’s Basics range, this came as no real surprise.

The handle is comfortable, but it’s straight up and down with no ergonomic shaping. Happily, in test we found it stayed cool whilst we were cooking. Plus, features like the hanging hole at the top and the easy-to-tighten screw were welcome additions.

Although this pan is oven safe, it’s only safe up to 150C. Although this is relatively high, 180C is usually to be the go-to temperature for everyday cooking tasks, so some may find 150C a hinderance rather than a help.


We were pleasantly surprised by the results of our tests using this frying pan. Our American pancakes were evenly cooked, displaying consistently brown colouring on both sides. Inside, each pancake was soft, fluffy and cooked through. We’d recommend sticking to the central portion of the pan if you’re cooking foods where you want to achieve consistent colour as when we poured the batter towards the outside of the pan, the sides of the pancake closest to the edge were darker in colour.

Given how thin this pan is, you really do need to keep a hawk-like eye on it. It heats up in around 45 seconds, so it’s easy to overshoot when heating it up.

We cooked a basic omelette in this pan too. As soon as our whisked eggs hit the pan we turned the temperature down. We were able to produce a smooth and custardy omelette with some nice browning on the outside.

Both the omelette and pancakes were easy to remove from the pan – the non-stick coating is very effective.



This cheap and understated pan exceeded our expectations. If you’re on a budget and are after a frying pan with a high-quality non-stick coating, this is a great choice.

We have some gripes about the oven-safe temperature as 150C is a little limiting, but we’re grateful that it’s there as an option. It’s also suitable for all hob types, which is always a plus.


Sizes available (cm): 24, 28
Non-stick: titanium plasma and dakin non-stick
Materials: aluminium
Induction compatible: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Oven safe: yes

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