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VonShef 2.5L deep fat fryer

VonShef 2.5l deep-fat fryer review

Published: September 29, 2020 at 12:49 pm
A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
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Deep-fryers give foods a wonderfully crispy finish, great for cooking everything from chips to churros. Read our review of this countertop fryer from VonShef.


  • makes great tasting chips, lightweight design


  • basket handle mechanism can be a bit fiddly, the outside of the appliance gets quite hot

VonShef 2.5-litre deep-fat fryer summary

The VonShef deep-fat fryer is a neat, loaf-shaped appliance that can fry plenty of food without taking up too much space. This fryer strikes us as an ideal option for two-to-three-person households. This fryer gets top marks for the efficiency of its packaging, which is minimal and almost entirely recyclable.


Available from:
Amazon (£32.99)
VonHaus (£39.99)

How was the VonShef fryer to use?

This fryer was especially easy to set up. It’s a simple case of fixing the basket into place using easy-to-use, in-built mechanisms. You can then add oil, close the lid and turn the thermostat dial to start heating.

Cleaning the VonShef is perhaps even more convenient than putting it together. All the main components are detachable, including the frying bowl and lid, which is really the holy grail of deep-fat fryer maintenance.

During our testing, this fryer heated oil impressively quickly. It took only 4 or 5 minutes to heat the oil to 150C, and a further 3 minutes to scale the heights to 190C. The thermostat’s scale starts quite high at 150C, which could prove frustrating for users who prefer to fry at slightly cooler temperatures.

How does the VonShef fryer cook?

The chips we cooked were pleasant-tasting, albeit not as evenly cooked as we would’ve liked. If you don’t mind a little variation in the hues of your chips, this shouldn’t be an issue, as none of the food was undercooked.

Perhaps our favourite thing about this fryer is its ratio of cooking capacity to oil required. It’ll cook you a few decent-sized portions of chips with just a couple of litres of oil, which is highly efficient relative to many of the others tested. It’s neatly proportioned and easy-to-store – especially since the handle tucks away completely into the face of the appliance.

How do you rate the safety of the VonShef fryer?

In terms of safety, this fryer is a bit of a mixed bag. The lid of the fryer keeps the oil at arm’s length, while the vents allow smoke to escape before it has the chance to build up. However, the sides of the appliance do tend to get very hot during heating, so we would suggest you avoid touching them for a while after use.

Available from:
Amazon (£32.99)
VonHaus (£39.99)

VonShef 2.5l deep-fat fryer specifications

Maximum temperature: 190C
Oil capacity: 2.5l
Food capacity: 2-3 generous portions
Power: 2000W

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